SINGLE COUNT CONES -- Why buy this one?  Least expensive per cone and great for handing out to groups!
#2410BP Marshmallow Cones: Bulk Case of 300 Cones
$85.00  (300 Candy Cones)

BULK KITS -- Pick your favorite flavor(s) -- just enter the flavors you want mixed into your case as a "Note to Seller" when paying for your order.  If you forget to specify just send an e-mail to us.  If not specified then assorted Kits (banana, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla) will be sent to you!
Kits: 10 lb bulk case
$45.00  (10 lbs, approx. 370 pieces)


Notes for Customers:

Shipping costs are included in the prices listed.  Orders are processed and billed through "Runk Candy Company."  Please note that we ship only to the continental U.S.  Orders are typically processed and shipped within twenty-four business hours of receipt, although custom flavor mixes for the taffy may take an extra day to pull and ship.

Before ordering cones, please read:

Marpro Marshmallow Cones change with the weather.  In cold dry, weather they will usually be quite crisp or chewy.  In warm, humid weather they will usually be soft.  However, crisp, chewy or soft, they are fresh and tasty.  You can read more about the effects of weather and humidity on the candy on our website at the following link:   Weather and Humidity Effects

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